giovedì 24 novembre 2011

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Buongiorno a tutte, questo blog è stato creato come assicurazione 
nel caso Blogspot impazzisca un'altra volta e mi cancelli di nuovo anni di lavoro... 
quindi per favore seguitemi sul mio solito blog:


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Rusty Bells and Christmas goodies

ENGLISH: Hi my dear friends. I'm so on a hurry today... but finally I've received my goods! Here you can find all you need for your Christmas Finishings! (prices under pix)

ITALIAN: Mie care, oggi sono tremendamente di corsa! Ma finalmente mi sono arrivati dai miei fornitori i da me e dai voi tanto sospirati campanelli arrugginiti e altre cosine perfette per completare le vostre opere natalizie!!!!

Small Rusty Bells

Big Rusty Bells

Paper tag for Christmas Gifts

Wood tags

Christmas Pumpkin Queen

Hello my dearest! Here is my last (for this year) Christmas chart. A lovelyPumpkin Queen... she is putting small rusty bells on her Christmas tree, with an elegant XVII century's dress. Isn't she absolutely lovely? If you wanna stitch her you can order here:
Stitched on 30 ct linen "Old Salem" by The Primitive Hare.

Thanks so much for all you kind comments, I really appreciate them. Hugs and have a wonderful Week end!


Special thanks to Tanya at The Sampler Girl, she know why :-)


To thank you all, please enjoy my Christmas Free Chart :-)

Stitched by Elisabetta

Devil runs...

ENGLISH: Hello my friends. Today is a special day: I'm very happy and proud to present you not only a new design, but a new designer! ThePrimitive Hare has now a new little hare friend! Let me introduce youCassandra. She is a very dear friend of mine, like a sister I could say... Some weeks ago we spoke about her grandma, that is an old wise woman, and she told me about a lovely proverb she heard when she was just a little child... this is the result! The chart is as always available here :
Thanks so much and have a lovely week!

ITALIANO: Buongiorno amiche mie! Oggi è un giorno speciale... laPrimitive Hare si arricchisce di una nuova bravissima designer, che conoscete tutte credo, la mia carissima amica-sorella Cassandra, che voi conoscete come Sandy! Un po' di settimane fa parlammo di sua nonne, vecchia signora saggia, e di proverbi circa il maltempo... ed è nato così questo schema! Lo potete richiedere a me alla solita
Buona settimana a tutte!!!


Primitive Seasons

Hello my dear!
I have to run! I have a least 4 new releases to present you... maybe 5... so I have to start, haven't I? This is my PRIMITIVE SEASONS. In the chart you will find 4 designs, one for each season. Here you can see a particular about the fall one. I love it so much :-) The four, all together, has been sewed in an original quilt, the Irish Chain, do you like it? I have presented this one at the Market, it's been a loooong work! Hugs my dear, have a wonderful day!

Fall by PRIMITIVE SEASONS, stitched by Elisabetta

Winter Thread Keepers

Hello my dear :-) First of all I hope your week will be very very lovely :-) here we have a lot of rain and fall rules... but I love fall so much... the colors are wonderful, and mists around woods are enchanted.. So.. today I'm glad to present you my WINTER THREAD KEEPERS. We have Mr. Winter Deer, Mrs. Winter Hare, and The Little Sparrow. They are all completely handmade, and the wood I use comes from certified forest. Enjoy them! Hugs :-)




Lady Winter

Hi my friends! This week I'm happy to present you my ornament 'Lady Winter', created for the novembre issue of THE GIFT OF STITCHING. It's a small pillow, stitched on 28 ct country mocha linen, inspired by the gentle atmosphere of winter... Do you like it? I have thought to design something easy and fast to stitch, and this is the result. Enjoy on this month issue of TGOS. Hugs :-)