giovedì 24 novembre 2011

My First Market

My dear friends, I am back from my first very important market, and I'm so happy... I can't belive that my designs could be so appreciate. I love them and I do not know how to thank you, because you love them as much as I do.... I have had 5 days really hard, full of work, I've seen thousands people and now I am so tired but so happy. Thanks to all!!!! I have written all my joy in italian in my italian blog, but I need to thank also here, and I'd like to share with you some pics of my stand. Thanks again :-)))

Stacy Nash Eliza Ann and my First Snowflake toghether

Primitive Christmas Tree and scissors holders

Threads holders for christmas

Whimsical Advent calendar and more...

Ichabod Crane Inn from my book 'Three for Stitch'

new future designs....... coming soon...  and wonderful hares from La Di Da

My wicked knight!
Thanks again and stay tuned 'cause I have to present you a lot of new charts.....

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